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Powerfully dispense water on dedicated surfaces for optimal cleaning results.

No-rinse formula for common dirt and water-based spots on commercial carpet and most upholstery fabrics.

Packaging: 17 Oz / 500 ML aerosol can, 12 cans/case

Pharma 20

Lithium Sterilizer Sprayer


Mist sprayer, operated by lithium batteries, is ergonomically designed for long hours of comfortable use. This is very well suited for use in any situations that require rapid sanitizing such as the current Covid-19 pandemic. Sanitizing is made affordable with the Pharma 20 Lithium Sterilizer Sprayer.


This Disinfectant Mist Sprayer employs the concept of gasification that allows disinfectant to be sprayed out as high speed mist particles. With different nozzle sizes, the particle size of the mist can be controlled thereby making it suitable for different venues. The sprayer comes with a filter that is easily accessible and can be cleaned whenever needed. With a scale imprinted on the chemical container, users can easily measure the amount of chemicals to use per time.


An economical double bucket trolley for daily cleaning. Allows cleaner to easily transport cleaning tools around job sites. Comes with 2 buckets for efficient wringing of mops.

This Multi – Function Trolley allows easy placements all
required tools. It comes with cabinet and lock-and-key
system to safeguard items stowed inside the
trolley. It is made of durable material to withstand
daily robust use..



• Lock-and-key for safety

• Compartments for easy organization


With a clever and cost-effective design in mind, the Scrubmaster B45 is superior in the field of commercial cleaning products. The B45 is a pedestrian scrubber-drier ideal for use in small and medium sized areas. The durable assembly makes it reliable on rougher terrain whilst maintaining a high standard of cleaning. To tailor to your requirements, we offer additional brush options depending on the specifications.



  • Electrical BRS system (brush release system) for quick and easy changing of brushes
  • Powerful brush motors for an even cleaning result
  • Hako Proprietary AntiBac solution and recovery tank to help prevent bacteria growth causing odours
  • Large tank lid for easy cleaning
  • The Hako Aqua Control System saves water and cleaning agent TUV tested, up to 50%
  • Simple, easy operating functions arranged clearly and understandably

Simple to use and easy to maneuver. Built to withstand daily
use and possible abuse. The units are constructed of strong
noncorrosive fibreglass so they won’t corrode or rust.Suitable
to clean high-traffic areas!. Comes with different tools for
different functions.



• Strong fibreglass body

• Automatic float shut-off system when tank is full


The CPT-3000

is a heavy duty battery operated cart suitable for transporting waste, materials or personnel. It is designed to provide users with the ergonomic maneuverability with its 3-wheelers and enable movements across large areas with options for different requirements.

This includes optional features such as installing railings and foldable ramps for bin lifting capabilities.


EASI SCRUB brings new light to the traditional rotary scrubbing machines. Unlike a normal single disc scrubber that is constantly counter-rotating, thus making it difficult to control, EASI SCRUB is stable and easy to utilize. Thanks to a patented technology and structure of the machine, the center of the machine is greatly balance. This make EASI SCRUB easy to control, and less manual strength is required to maintain the machine. EASI SCRUB is suited for most functions ranging from normal daily scrubbing to stone care restoration.



•Stable easy to control

•Suitable for many type of floors

•71 kg pressure


The VIPER DR1500H is an Ultra High Speed (UHS) burnisher designed to cover large areas with less maintenance costs. It is used to bring longlasting shine to hard floors. It is simple and easy to use. The VIPER DR1500H is robust, reliable and service friendly.



•Easy to use with little training required

•Space saving with foldable handle

•Ergonomic adjustable handle for easy manipulation

• High mobility with large wheels


WET is a vacuum cleaner that eliminates the use of a filter bag. Using water, it prevents the emission of pollutants produced by regular vacuum cleaners. It doubles as an air purifier. Made in Italy.




•Filter bag-free

•No emission of pollutants


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