3M Scotchgard

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The TB QUAT DISINFECTANT is rinse-free, EPA- registered disinfectant formula that disinfects and cleans hard and non porous surfaces.


Designed to remove soap scum, hard water and mineral deposits, grease, rust stains and soil from hard surfaces. Use on stainless steel, bathroom fixtures and ceramic.


3M™ Glass Cleaner and Protector with Scotchgard™ Protection leaves an invisible
layer of protection on glass for easier cleaning after routine use. It reduces fogging
on windows and mirrors with repeated use, leaving an attractive shine. Cleans (but
may not protect) other surfaces.


3M™ Rinse-Clean Coating RC-1000 forms a thin, transparent coating over exterior surfaces such as painted walls, building claddings and panels, and outdoor graphic films to shield against dust and dirt.


This special cleaner is designed to remove tough stains like grease, crayon and black heel marks. Comes with a trigger spray.


Packaging: 1 Ltr bottles / 12 Ltr per case / 20 Ltr bottles


Heavy-duty cleaner removes soil grease and finish buildup. Thick foam of TroubleShooter Cleaner clings to vertical surfaces. Upside- down spray feature for hard-to-reach places: baseboards floor edges corners stairways and ceramic tile.


Packaging: 21 oz aerosol can, 12 cans/case


No-rinse formula for common dirt and water-based spots on commercial carpet and most upholstery fabrics.


Packaging: 17 oz aerosol can, 12 cans/case


The Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector is a high performance floor surface hardener. Just two coats produce a clean, shiny, durable finish that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches. It is ideally suited for concrete, marble, terrazzo, and other porous stone surfaces. It produces a glossy, very hard, dust repellent, chemical-resistant and watertight surface. This protectant surface is easy to repair or re-coat, with no stripping required. When scratches do occur on the surface, it can be repaired by burnishing with Scotch-Brite™ Purple Diamond Floor Pad Plus.


Showing all 8 results