Floor Tools

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Effectively remove any presence of unsightly grout.
Grout brush* is made of high-quality bristles which are constructed in a way that can effectively scrub off the grout. Adaptable to Quick Mop Systems.

*Colours might differ according to stock availabilities.


Adjustable to all PAPI and MMS Quickmop System accessories.


• Adaptable to most Cleaning poles.


• Adaptable to most Cleaning poles & Kentucky mop.

Wet/dry flat mop with a combination of microfibre and polyester for easy gliding and effective dirt pick-up. Mop with Velcro backing and border.

QuickSwab is a comprehensive range of microfibre mop pads that can suit a variety of needs, from general mopping and spill removal to targeted cleaning in high-risk areas. It consists of one-time-use disposable mop pads and high quality microfibre mop pads. Pair it with the QuickMop for effective and effortless cleaning.


The self-closing DUSTPAN and BROOM set is suitable for use indoors. It prevents swept dust from dispersing into the surroundings. It is recommended for area spot sweeping.


• Light & Ergonomic.


Floor Squeegee effectively pushes water off floors, leaving them dry. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Different sizes are available.

Size: 18″/22″/30″


DUST MOP is most suitable for professional cleaning of large floor areas. Its dust control materials will make it easier to trap and collect dirt & dust.

Reusable, dust mop tools are available in cotton and acrylic materials for optimal cleaning results.


• Suitable for large areas.
• Available in cotton & Acrylic materials.
• Professional cleaning results.

Showing 1–12 of 19 results