Multi-Purpose / Disinfectants

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Suitable for daily usage, it will deodorize and sanitize targeted surfaces.
Alco-Pine does not stain hard surfaces and its fragrant.


Concentrated quaternary ammonium compound (QAC).

Contains active ingredients which disinfect and & eliminate Corona virus on different surfaces.
***Need to be diluted before usage.***

Specially formulated for use as a general-purpose detergent and dishwashing liquid with biodegradable surfactants.


A low foam neutral detergent with low viscosity, clear green liquid with lemon odour. It is designed for use as a general-purpose detergent. It is safe for use on all kinds of floor surfaces not affected by water. It is recommended for alkaline detergent-sensitives floors. It is a blend of non-ionic and anionic surfactant, preservative and lemon perfume. The surfactants used are biodegradable.

General-purpose pine disinfectant detergent formulated to clean, disinfect and deodorize in one operation.

Do not stain on hard surfaces.

Disinfectant suitable for daily use. It deodorises and sanitises targeted surfaces. Ulti Pine does not stain hard surfaces and its fragrant.

Ulti Bleach is a concentrated bleach disinfectant. Strong disinfecting properties.
Removes floor stains and malodor effectively aces.

Multi-purpose neutral cleaner suitable for most floor types.
Serves also as a disinfectant. Heavily scented to leave a lingering pleasant smell after use.

Showing all 8 results