Ecobot Scrub 75 PRO-Deleted


Dimensions(MM) 1,370(L) x 962(W) x 1,417(H)
Scrubbing Width 750 MM
Cleaning Efficiency Up to 3,000 m²/ hour
Batteries Lithium-Ion
Averrage Run-Time 4 to 6 hours
Total Power 2,000 W
Voltage 24 V
Driving Motor Power 400 W
Disc Brush Pressure Up to 60 Kg
Brush Rotation Speed Up to 270 RPM
Water Suction Motor Power 500 W
Weight (include battery) 426 Kg
Clean Water Tank 75 L (4-Stage Filtration)
Waste Water Tank 50 L
Safety System LIDAR, Ultrasonic sensors, Anti-drop Sensors, Touch Bumpers
Speed Up to 1.1 m/s
Noise 55-75 dBA


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