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This Disinfectant Mist Sprayer employs the concept of gasification that allows disinfectant to be sprayed out as high speed mist particles. With different nozzle sizes, the particle size of the mist can be controlled thereby making it suitable for different venues. The sprayer comes with a filter that is easily accessible and can be cleaned whenever needed. With a scale imprinted on the chemical container, users can easily measure the amount of chemicals to use per time.


Hanso Apple is a liquid hand soap that is gentle to the skin. It leaves hands feeling soft and clean after use. Suitable for use in most soap dispensers. Apple scented for a touch of refreshing smell after use.


3-Tiers trolley is suitable for multiple usages such as food centres. Comes with side buckets for waste.


• Compact for Small & Crowded Areas.
• 2 Adjustable Side Buckets.
• User-Friendly.

The 3500 NATURAL BLEND TAN PAD is composed of natural hair and synthetic fibers. It is designed for optimal mark removal and is for use on harder finishes or in high-traffic areas. It removes marks and scratches while it polishes.

Packing: 5pcs/case

No-rinse formula for common dirt and water-based spots on commercial carpet and most upholstery fabrics.


The TB QUAT DISINFECTANT is rinse-free, EPA- registered disinfectant formula that disinfects and cleans hard and non porous surfaces.


Features non-woven construction and low-profile design to allow floor machine to glide easily over carpet, reducing operator fatigue and improving cleaning efficiency. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit most rotary floor machines.

Designed to remove soap scum, hard water and mineral deposits, grease, rust stains and soil from hard surfaces. Use on stainless steel, bathroom fixtures and ceramic.


Durable swivel lets holder twist and turn to reach hard-to-get at places.Swivel head on pad holder is threaded to attach to standard brush handles.

Use with 8440, 8541 & 8550 pads

Packaging: 50 pad holder / case

Especially designed for cleaning delicate surfaces and light cleaning such as windows, ceramic tile walls, floors and swimming pools.

(Size: 4.6” x 10”) Packaging: 5/box, 4 boxes/case

Designed for tough jobs like removing finish and wax buildup from baseboards and floor edges. A great way to strip stairs.

(Size: 4.625” x 10”) Packaging: 5/ box, 4 boxes/case

For extra heavy-duty cleaning and stripping.

Color: Black (Size: 4.6” x 10”) Packaging: 10/box, 4 boxes/case

Showing 1–12 of 200 results