Key Features

Fast and Easy to learn Deployment

Start cleaning in less than 3 minutes

Built-in and Remote Control

  • Removable Tablet Device
  • Multi-Platform Interface
  • Short-Range and Long-Range Control

Dynamic Cleaning Operations

Seamless and precise cleaning with our Edge Cleaning Technology.

Simple and Fast Maintenance

  • Universal key to access all compartments
  • Auto-dumping of water tank with a single button
  • Removable front bumper for easy access
  • Replaceable battery for extended operation time

Smart Sensors Detection

  • Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance
  • Detect objects as low as 5cm high
  • Live streaming camera

Integrated Charging Station

  • Auto-Dumping and Water Refill
  • Scrubbing Operations up to 4 hours
  • Dustmop up to 12 hours


Cleaning Width 600 mm
Cleaning Efficiency 2,100 m² / hour
Brush Speed 180 rpm
Cleaning Pressure  25 kg
Water Recycling Yes
Clean Water Tank 50 L (3-stage filtration)
Recovery Tank 50 L
Scrubbing Operations Up to 4 hours
Dustmop Operations Up to 12 hours
Charging Time 4 hours
Max. Operational Speed 1 m/s
Sensors 2D LiDAR (x1)
3D Camera (x4)
Front Security Camera (x1)
Ultrasonic Sensors (x5)
Electronic Bumper (x1)
Weight 200 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 810 x 784 x 1115 mm