Lavor GV Etna 4000 Steam Generator

Key Features

Easy operation

New and simple intuitive control panel  with obvious indicator light for various functions

Non-stop operation

Unlimited autonomy due to continuous power supply of boiler, which enables water top-ups in tank without having to stop the machine or interrupt work

Equipped with 3 pumps

3 pumps available: boiler, detergent and water. Presence of 2 thermostat, 1 pressure switch and 1 pressure valve provide maximum safety.


Max Steam Pressure / Temperature 7bar / 165c
Bolier Absorbed Power 3000W / 230V /50Hz
Vacuum Motor Absorbed Power 1100W
Columm Depression / Airflow 20.3KPa
Air Flow 220m3/h
Waterlift 2200mm
Detergent Tank Capacity 5L
Recovery Tank Capacity 64L
Water Tank CapaCity 5L


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