Window Tools

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A microfibre pad specialized for window cleaning. It has a net-like structure for increased absorbance. It leaves the surface streak – and lint-free. Use it with our swivel handle for maximum flexibility. Can be attached to poles for windows/surfaces which are out of reach.


Powerfully dispense water on dedicated surfaces for optimal cleaning results.

A Plastic clamp is a multi-usage tool that can adjust to most of the cleaning poles.
Suitable to be attached brushes, sponges, cleaning cloths and mops.

The FLOOR & WINDOW SCRAPPER scraps away unwanted materials on windows.

Can also be used for cleaning floor surfaces.

The CADDY CARRIER store all your cleaning tools & accessories for optimal efficiency.

The WINDOW LAMBSWOOL is used for drying of windows. Refills are available.

The WINDOW SQUEEGEE is used for cleaning windows.

Replacement rubbers are available.

Showing all 8 results