About us

About Us

Started in Singapore in year 2000, Cleantools now operates in SE Asia and China. Along with globalization, we now source products from Europe, SE Asia, China, USA and UK. We also distribute our products to consumers in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, and China.

To be a forward-moving company, Cleantools had developed a new brand image. With years of experience, we have managed to identify suppliers that offer good quality products at reasonable prices. To further lower the prices for our customers, we engage in synergy buying. We wish to share the fruit of our labour with all by providing the convenience of a one-stop business centre.

Furthermore, with heightening expectations, we realized the need to improve our products to better suit the needs of users. Therefore, we ventured into manufacturing by improving current cleaning equipment. We actively review, re-engineer, re-design and then create quality products. With stringent quality, cost controls and the strong leadership of our founder, we now have our own line of products.

Why choose us

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Our Team

Our team members who are always dedicated to serve you better!

SingaporeOur headquarters provides all with friendly and quality service.
MalaysiaOur office in Malaysia is a dedicated group to provide for our clients.
CHINAOur professional manufacturing team, providing high quality products.

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