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Disinfects: Disinfects on such bacterial and viral carrying surfaces as toilet seats, telephones, garbage and refuse cans, urinals, athletic equipment, light switches, bed pans, empty hampers and other out of the way places. Disinfects hard, non- porous surfaces of shoes and slippers. Controls Mold and Mildew on mattresses, awnings, shower curtains, leather goods.

Deodorizes: Reduces annoying odors. Use to control odors in hospitals and nursing homes.

ECOWELL E:ON generates strong and safe sterilizing, deodorizing, oxidizing function water by employing electrochemical activation (ECA) technology. The ECA generated by electrolysis of water  with salt using an anode and cathode equipped device creates two substances, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), a natural disinfectant and cleaning agent respectively.

HOCl is powerful but gentle disinfecting agent that also occurs naturally in our own white blood cells to help destroy germs in our bodies.  It is also used in hospitals for both cleaning and disinfecting as well as irrigating open wounds.

NaOH is a precursor to natural soap and helps to lift soils and dirt away.

It is demonstrated by Korea Conformity Laboratories to be 99.9% effective against all form of microorganisms within a fast contact time and virtually no regrowth was observed. Is has also completed safety tests on skin stimulation, eye irritation and oral toxicity.

E:ON DUO comes both with a Spray ( semi automatic spray head) and a Pitcher.



•Sterilization: Removes 99.9% of bacteria, virus, fungi and harmful microbes.

•Deodorization: Reduces bad odors by spraying on smelly spot or wiping the spot by cloth or toilet tissue.

•Cleaning: Spray the water to wash out any stain or stubborn dirt on the surface of object.

•Removing pesticides: Wash fruits and vegetables with the electrolyzed water.

Cleantools Urinal Scent Screen  acts as a 30-day air freshener/deodorizer on urinal, with splash guard spikes to eliminate rebounds.

This urinal screen releases active ingredients, keeping the urinal and restroom smelling fresh while enhancing its outlook.


Showing all 3 results